4 In 1 Master Opener

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  • Hand wash only
  • Comfortable, easy to use turn knob
  • Cutting wheel never contacts food
  • Touchless lid removal
  • Ergonomic 5-in-1 combination can, jar and bottle opener

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Kuhn Rikon

Product Description


Our hip Auto Safety Master Opener makes opening cans, bottles and jars clean, safe and fun. A super-handy version of our self-attaching Auto Safety LidLifter, this version has 4 extra functions.

To open a can, place on top of the can with the two half circles lined up with the can rim. Twist the knob clockwise. The opener will automatically grip the lid and begin to cut. After a full circle, you will feel less resistance. Stop – the can is now open. Turn the knob counter-clockwise to release and then use the mini-pliers push button to get the little bird beak pliers to grip the lid and lift it away cleanly and easily. The tiny, strong jaws on the side of the opener remove the lid. Press down on the white button to close the jaws on the lid and when you are ready to drop the lid into the bin or recycling container, just release the button. So you don’t touch the food, the food doesn’t touch the opener and there’s no danger of contamination. You don’t even need to wash it after use as it never comes into contact with the food inside the can – you could go from opening dog food straight to a can of tuna.

But as well as opening cans, you can also open metal bottle tops on beer-type bottles using the classic ‘church’ key. Plastic soda bottles are opened using the ‘eye’ opener, by placing over the plastic screw-top bottle lid and twisting counter-clockwise. Save your nails on pull-tab cans by slipping the ‘beak’ under and into the loop, rock and roll back and pull to open the can, such as baked beans and pet food. The final function is a jar popper to break the vacuum seal inside glass jars with metal lids, making them much easier to open and save you resorting to more dangerous ways of opening jars.

To make sure you get the hang of it, there are full instructions on the packaging and a handy set of detachable instructions you can keep in the drawer for visitors. Alternatively, instructions can be downloaded from our website, www.kuhnrikon.co.uk .

Hand-wash only.

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Additional Information