Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine 500ml

Product Code: 36607544
  • Gently cleans and conditions
  • Protects Treated Surfaces
  • Covers Minor Scratches
  • Enriches Colours
  • Uniform protective finish

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Product Description


Ultra deep shine is specially formulated to impart a brilliant smear free finish on all paint types particularly dark colours and modern water based finishes. It is particularly recommended for new or moderately deteriorated paintwork. Treated surfaces are protected with a super tough streak free, high gloss finish. Ultra deep shine contains special emulsifiers and conditioning agents blended with purified water to gently clean and condition paintwork. Selected polymers provide a uniform protective finish with no streaks or swirls that sometimes mar the appearance of darker paints. Ultra deep shine contains a blend of waxes which cover minor scratches and haze with a smooth even gloss and enrich the vehicles colour.

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Additional Information