Bomb Cosmetics Distinguished Gentleman Gift Set

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  • Bomb Cosmetics The Distinguished Gentleman Gift Pack

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The Distinguished Gentleman Giftpack - Our first gift pack for the more groomed men amongst you! With a fresh minty shower gel, a lovely (but very manly ) lotion, a Man Grenade Bath Blaster and two masculine soaps. The perfect present for your Distinguished Gentleman. This gift pack contains - The Distinguished Gentleman Lotion, Mangrenade Bath Blaster, Dapper Chap Soap Slice, The Big Blue Soap Slice, Wave Hello Shower Gel. All our Bomb Cosmetics Handmade Gift Packs are made with love in our own factories. Spread the Bomb Love to someone special. The Distinguished Gentleman Lotion - A light lotion to hydrate your skin and turn you into a distinguished gentleman with pure Lemongrass & Black Pepper essential oils. Mangrenade Bath Blaster - Drop in and enjoy the bath of hero’s with its explosive rush of Black pepper and Rosemary pure essential oils help to refresh and invigorate the soul. Dapper Chap Soap - I moustache you a question, but I shall shave it for later! A stimulating soap with a fresh fragrance and pure black pepper and eucalyptus essential oils. Wave Hello Shower Gel - Wave hello to a revitalised you! With a fresh mint fragrance and pure spearmint and peppermint essential oils to revive and restore. The Big Blue Soap - Feel a wave of ocean freshness as this uplifting soap with its energising Tea Tree and spearmint pure essential oils help to refresh and clear a tired mind.

Box Contains
1 x Wave Hello Shower gel, 1 x The Distinguished Gentleman Lotion, 1 x Mangrenade, 1 x Dapper Chap Soap, 1 x Big Blue Soap

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