Dino Magic Egg

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  • Swap the Dino parts to create new species of dinosaur and hybrids
  • Drop the Dino Egg into warm water and discover a new Dino species!
  • Each Dino Magic has changeable parts
  • 28 Dinos to collect
  • Fizz and find a Dino surprise inside
  • Colours and styles may vary

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For some time Archaelogists have explored the earth in an attempt to discover more about the ancient world of the dinosaur. HGL has uncovered a rare and exciting collection of these extinct creatures of strength which once roamed the earth. Now you can discover some of these amazing dinosaurs and even create your own new unique species!

Collect the Dino Magic Fizz N Surprise from HGL and discover some amazing Dino species, including Triassic -Thecodont, Coelophysis, Postosuchus, Longisquama, Jurassics - Scelidosaurus, Stegasaurus, Brontosaurus, Allosaurus, Archaeopteryx and Cretaceous - Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pterodactyl, Ornithomimus and many more!

There are 28 Dinosaurs to collect and connect and each Dino can be mixed and matched to create loads of new species of Dinosaur and hybrids which have never been seen before! Remove the coloured wrap from the Dino Egg and drop the egg into warm water and watch the Dino Egg dissolve and fizz. Remove the Dinosaur parts from the water and assemble to discover the ancient Dinosaur. Which Dino will you discover? Suitable for ages 4+.

Dino Magic from HGL is part of the Fizz N Surprise Range which also includes Dragon Magic, Alien Magic, Mermaid Magic and Fairy Magic

Dino Magic Fizz N Surprise by H.Grossman. It's a fun thing!

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