Groove Portable Power Solar Charger GVCH3600S

Product Code: 38881024
  • Product Code: GVCH3600S
  • Pre-charged and ready to use
  • USB ports
  • Intelligent charging with auto safety cut-off
  • Battery level indicator
  • Capacity 3600mAh
  • Tips included: Charging cable plus micro USB, mini USB, Nokia
  • USB Sync/Charge cable supplied by Apple is required (not included)

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Product Description


The Portable Power Solar Charger is ultra compact and powerful with a very stylish design. It fits easily into your pocket, handbag or rucksack ready to provide instant power whenever and wherever you need it. This Portable Solar Charger is part of the new range of Portable Power Chargers by Groov-e.

Ultimate portable power, designed to charge Mobile & SmartPhones, Tablets, e-Readers, GPS, Cameras and iPods/MP3 Players.

For convenience, the Solar Charger has intelligent charging with auto-safety cut off and is pre-charged, ready for use. Delivers power charging of 5V /1A for fast and easy charging of your devices. It can take only 1.5 - 2 hours to fully charge your Smartphone and with capacity 3600mAh charges the iPhone/smarphone up to 3 times. Simply connect your mobile device to the Solar Charger via the USB cable and the correct connector for your device. The Solar Charger will start to charge your devices automatically and the charging light will stay on when charging is in process. With smart charging, this Solar Charger can detect your mobile device's current and choose the proper output current 1A or 2A to charge your mobile device. You can charge the internal battery using the USB cable supplied via the micro USB port to an AC adaptor, Car charger, PC, Laptop or other USB enabled devices. The battery can also be charged by sunshine. Simply place the Solar Charger in the sun, the solar light will stay on. Charging will start automatically. The LED battery level indicator will show the level of battery and will show when the battery is fully charged. Another great way of charging a battery for people on the go. Lithium-Polymer battery ensures quality, supplying 500+ recharge cycles over a lifetime. This charger is the ideal, handy Portable Power Solar Charger for people who require a reliable, backup battery and never be without power.

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Additional Information