Hozelock Cascade 700 Fountain or Water Feature pond pump

Product Code: 36659879
  • Telescopic extension pipe - with 3 fountain heads
  • High-efficiency motor - for low running costs and long life
  • Flow control - to adjust water flow
  • Ball joint - for fountain stem angle adjustment
  • Anti-Clog foam free inlet cage - reduces maintenance
  • Cascade water pump for waterfalls features and fountains


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Hozelock Cyprio

Product Description


The Hozelock Cascade 700 fountain pump is perfect for someone who has a small to medium sized pond and wants to add a fountain to create a beautiful feature.

It comes with 10 metres (33 feet) of cable which makes it ideal if you have your pond away from the house and the 3 year guarantee is great to give you peace of mind.

A telescopic extension pipe means that you can adjust the fountain if your pond is deeper or shallower. The anti-clog foam free inlet cage also ensures that your impeller will not get clogged up and you won’t need to take the pump apart to clean it.

The integrated flow controller also means that if you need to you can slow the pump down and the fountain will not be so tall.

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Additional Information