Sankey Growarm 300 Propagator Kit 52cm

Product Code: 38895975
  • Side vent : Controls humidity and temperature
  • Clear rigid top : Recycles condensation
  • 3 Seed trays : Allows a variety of seeds to be grown
  • Capillary water mat : Retains water and keeps soil moist
  • 18w Heated base : Maintains a gentle heat speeding up germination
  • 52cm Length X 42cm Width X 24cm Height


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Product Description


Sankey Growarm 300 Heated Propagator by Fiskars UK Ltd

The Sankey Premier Growarm 300 has an electronic temperature control which maintains the perfect germination environment for plants that require a specific or a constant climate. It is ideal for growing exotic and delicate plants, seeds and cuttings all year around. Growing your own food is practical and fun, and keeps you supplied with fresh, colourful produce all year around. With rising food and fuel prices, there's never been a better time to grow your own food, and the Sankey propagator cover will help you do it.

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Additional Information