Roundup Weedkiller 5L Refill

Product Code: 36659701
  • Leaves no harmful residues to allow replanting
  • Fully degrades in soil by microbial action
  • Children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas (once dry)
  • Kills most garden weeds with a single application
  • Fast action ready to use weed killer that kills the weeds and roots

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Product Description


This refill contains enough Roundup for your Pump 'n Go sprayer system. Premixed for easy and effective weed control, this weed killer starts to work in hours. For use on unwanted vegetation, it is absorbed by the leaves and moves throughout the entire plant, above and below ground, to destroy annual and deep rooted perennial weeds, including grasses, dandelions, docks, bindweed and thistles. It is inactivated immediately on contact with soil and is then broken down by soil micro-organisms, to allow replanting. DO NOT USE ON LAWNS OR OTHER WANTED PLANTS.

Additional Information

Additional Information