Sonic Repeller

Product Code: 38866249
  • Welfare-friendly deterrent that does no harm to rodents
  • Continuous output of over 100dB at swept frequencies too high for people, cats and dogs to hear
  • For use in a single room area up to 400 square feet (37m²)
  • Entry-level pricing for the sonic category
  • 3 pin plug for use in the UK

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Product Description


STV726 is an apparatus which can be used to repel rats and mice. To set the apparatus: Simply plug the Advanced Pest Repeller into a standard 2-pin european outlet in the area affected by mice or rats. The red light on the front of the unit will light up indicating that it is functioning. To maximise performance: Leave the unit operating continuously. Make sure food is stored out of reach of rodent pests. Avoid placing the unit behind furniture or curtains. Find and repair any openings where rodent pests can get in.

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Additional Information