Sylvanian Nursery Picnic Set

Product Code: 38914101
  • Suitable for ages 3 years and up
  • Well-made with fine attention to detail
  • Good for stimulating imaginative role-play in children
  • Suitable item for playing with Forest Nursery (sold separately) .
  • Set included silk cat baby in nursery uniform and accessories.

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Sylvanian Families

Product Description


Includes Silk Cat Baby in nursery uniform, bag, rucksack, water bottle, cup, banana, basket, sandwiches, blanket, two books, and shovel. You also can play with the Forest Nursery, sold separately. *One figure included

Box Contains
1 Silk Cat Baby
1 mat
1 shovel
1 cup
1 water bottle
1 bag
1 rucksack
2 notebooks
2 sandwiches
1 basket

Additional Information

Additional Information