Tomy Tap & Toddle Elephant

Product Code: 38929458
  • Two fun modes which grow with your babies development
  • A charming motion and different melodies to engage baby
  • Distinct boomerang mode for young ones so they can play again and again
  • For ages six-months plus
  • Includes 3 x AAAd

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Product Description


The TOMY Infant & Toddler range have a complete product offering of family favourite toys that encourage your child's development, and keep your little ones entertained for hours! TOMY have a knowledgeable understanding of children's playtime needs, and continue to provide cleverly designed toys that ensure involved and 'Kid-Powered' play. TOMY use 'KID POWERED' play to reward children for their efforts of movement, motion and involvement whilst playing, with fun toys with engaging lights & sounds and learning content! This fuels their imaginations which encourage them to play for longer! Tap on the elephants head and watch him spin off willing your little one to chase after him and get them on the move!


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