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At Roys we're proud to stock over a thousand local products from over 100 local suppliers! We believe stocking locally sourced products is better for our customers, the local community and the environment and endeavour to source our products from local suppliers wherever possible and when in season.

We stock a wide range of locally & regionally sourced products throughout our food hall from apples and asparagus to Wherry & whiting, in our greengrocery & butchery as well as the beer and wine aisles too. We source the products from a variety of local suppliers, from farmers and fishermen to pie makers and wine makers, business' based in Norfolk and Suffolk. Below are just a few of the suppliers we source products from.


Yare Valley Oils

Yare Valley

The Mack family have been living and farming in the Yare Valley since the early 1900's. Their Yare Valley Oils are grown, harvested, pressed and bottled on the farm next to the Norfolk broads. They cold press the oils to retain its flavour and nutritional benefits and then re-use the waste in their biomass boiler to fuel the farm. best of all, our entire range of their products are 20% off for the month of April!

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